Türkiye’s Daily Power Consumption Falls 0.29% on June 26

Türkiye’s Daily Power Consumption Falls 0.29% on June 26

Türkiye’s daily electricity consumption declined by 0.29% on June 26, reaching 973,740 megawatt-hours (MWh), according to data from Türkiye’s Electricity Transmission Corporation (TEIAS).

The country’s hourly power consumption peaked at 47,362 MWh at 15:00 local time, while the lowest usage was recorded at 05:00, amounting to 31,479 MWh. Electricity production for the day totaled 974,263 MWh, primarily from natural gas plants, which contributed 21.3% to the overall output.

Natural gas power plants were followed by imported coal and hydroelectric plants, producing 20.2% and 16.9% of the total daily production, respectively. The share of wind energy stood at 12.8%, demonstrating the country's commitment to diversifying its energy mix.

Electricity exports reached 5,135 MWh, while imports were recorded at 4,612 MWh. The data highlights a minor trade balance in Türkiye’s favor, indicating a robust domestic production capacity.

Türkiye continues to optimize its energy resources amidst fluctuating demand. Efforts to enhance the efficiency and sustainability of energy production remain a strategic priority.

Source: Anadolu Ajansi