Turkey Crucial for EU's Energy Diversification: Hydrogen Europe CEO

Turkey Crucial for EU's Energy Diversification: Hydrogen Europe CEO

Hydrogen Europe CEO Jorgo Chatzimarkakis emphasized Turkey's strategic importance in the European Union's energy diversification efforts, highlighting the nation's potential role in the region's transition to cleaner energy sources.

Speaking at an energy conference in Brussels, Chatzimarkakis noted that Turkey's geographical position and renewable energy capabilities make it a vital partner for the EU. He stressed the importance of integrating Turkey into the EU's energy plans to ensure a diversified and secure energy supply.

"Turkey's vast potential in renewable energy, especially in hydrogen production, positions it as a key player in our efforts to reduce dependency on fossil fuels," said Chatzimarkakis. He added that collaboration with Turkey could significantly contribute to the EU's goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

The CEO pointed out that Turkey's investments in renewable energy infrastructure, particularly in wind and solar power, align well with the EU's energy transition objectives. He also highlighted the potential for Turkey to become a major exporter of green hydrogen, leveraging its abundant renewable resources and strategic location.

Chatzimarkakis called for enhanced cooperation between the EU and Turkey in the energy sector, suggesting that joint projects and investments could accelerate the development of sustainable energy solutions. He underscored the mutual benefits of such partnerships, noting that they would not only help the EU diversify its energy sources but also boost Turkey's economic growth and energy security.

The remarks come amid growing recognition of the need for regional cooperation to tackle climate change and ensure energy security. As the EU strives to reduce its carbon footprint, partnerships with neighboring countries like Turkey are seen as crucial for the success of its green transition strategy.

Hydrogen Europe, a leading industry association promoting the adoption of hydrogen technologies, has been actively advocating for the integration of hydrogen into the EU's energy mix. The organization supports policies and initiatives that facilitate the development of hydrogen infrastructure and markets across Europe.

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