Sunview Secures €15.6 Million Solar EPCC Contract in Bulgaria

Sunview Secures €15.6 Million Solar EPCC Contract in Bulgaria

Sunview Group Berhad, through its subsidiary Sunview Builders Pte. Ltd., has won a €15.6 million contract from OKOP Solar EOOD, a Bulgarian solar energy company. This contract covers the engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning (EPCC) of a 20MW(ac) solar photovoltaic power plant in Bulgaria. The project marks Sunview's inaugural EPCC venture in Europe, aligning with the company's strategic expansion plans into the European renewable energy market.

HP Ong, Executive Director and Group CEO of Sunview Group, emphasized the significance of this contract as a major milestone for the company. He stated, "This project not only represents our first EPCC venture in Europe but also strengthens our commitment to expanding our footprint in the European renewable energy market." Ong highlighted the project's potential to enhance Sunview's reputation and capabilities in delivering large-scale solar projects outside its home market in Malaysia.

The 20MW(ac) solar power plant is expected to contribute significantly to Bulgaria's renewable energy targets and aid in the country's transition towards sustainable energy sources. Sunview's role will encompass all aspects of the project's lifecycle, from design and procurement of materials to construction and final commissioning, ensuring the plant's operational readiness and efficiency.

Additionally, Sunview Group is exploring further opportunities in Europe, including a potential 30MW(ac) solar photovoltaic power plant (PVPP) project. This indicates the company's proactive approach to tapping into the growing demand for renewable energy solutions across Europe.

This project is part of a broader strategy to diversify Sunview's portfolio and leverage its expertise in solar energy projects on an international scale. By securing this contract, Sunview aims to build a solid foundation for future projects and collaborations within the European renewable energy sector.