Rimac Technology to Supply High-Voltage Battery Units to BMW

Rimac Technology to Supply High-Voltage Battery Units to BMW

Rimac Technology, a subsidiary of Croatian electric hypercar manufacturer Rimac Group, has secured a contract to supply high-voltage battery units to German automotive giant BMW. The partnership, announced on Wednesday, marks a significant milestone for Rimac as it expands its footprint in the electric vehicle (EV) sector.

Under the agreement, Rimac Technology will deliver battery units for BMW’s future high-performance models. These batteries are designed to support advanced electrification, offering enhanced energy density, extended range, and rapid charging capabilities. The exact financial details and the volume of the contract remain undisclosed.

Mate Rimac, CEO of Rimac Group, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, highlighting the technological synergies between the two companies. “Our cutting-edge battery systems will complement BMW’s vision for the future of mobility, reinforcing our position as a leader in high-performance EV technology,” Rimac stated.

The collaboration underscores BMW’s commitment to accelerating its electrification strategy. The German automaker aims to have fully electric vehicles account for at least 50% of its global sales by 2030. Leveraging Rimac’s expertise is expected to bolster BMW’s efforts to meet stringent emission regulations and cater to the growing demand for sustainable mobility solutions.

Rimac Technology has rapidly gained recognition for its innovative electric powertrains and battery systems. The company’s high-voltage battery units are renowned for their efficiency and reliability, attributes crucial for high-performance electric vehicles. This partnership with BMW is anticipated to further validate Rimac’s technological prowess and solidify its standing in the competitive EV market.

The collaboration with BMW is the latest in a series of strategic alliances for Rimac Technology. The Croatian firm has previously partnered with major automotive players like Porsche and Hyundai, supplying key components for their electric and hybrid models.

This deal comes at a pivotal time for the automotive industry, which is witnessing a rapid shift towards electrification amid mounting environmental concerns and regulatory pressures. As traditional automakers like BMW ramp up their EV offerings, collaborations with specialized firms like Rimac Technology are becoming increasingly vital to stay competitive and innovative.

Source: SeeNews