R.Power Selects Contractor for Major Solar Farm Projects in Romania

R.Power Selects Contractor for Major Solar Farm Projects in Romania

R.Power, one of Poland’s leading renewable energy companies, has announced the selection of the contractor for its ambitious photovoltaic (PV) farm projects in Romania. This significant step marks R.Power's continued expansion in the European solar energy market, aligning with the company's strategic vision for growth and sustainability.

The chosen contractor for these solar farms is Electrum, a reputable company with extensive experience in the construction of renewable energy installations. Electrum will be responsible for the execution of projects with a combined capacity of 175 MW, spread across multiple locations in Romania. This collaboration is expected to bolster Romania's renewable energy capacity and contribute to the European Union's green energy targets.

The PV farms are slated to be completed by the end of 2024, adding a substantial amount of clean energy to Romania's grid. The projects underscore R.Power's commitment to investing in large-scale renewable energy infrastructure and its confidence in the Romanian market's potential for solar power development.

R.Power’s CEO, Przemek Pięta, expressed his enthusiasm for the project, highlighting its importance for both the company and the broader transition to renewable energy in Europe. "This initiative is a key milestone for R.Power as we continue to expand our footprint in the European solar market. We are proud to contribute to Romania's renewable energy landscape and look forward to a successful partnership with Electrum."

The Romanian government has been actively supporting renewable energy projects through various incentives and regulatory frameworks, making the country an attractive destination for investors like R.Power. The collaboration with Electrum not only reinforces R.Power's position in the renewable energy sector but also signifies a step forward in Romania's journey towards a more sustainable energy future.

Electrum's CEO, Krzysztof Bryniarski, also commented on the partnership, stating, "We are excited to work with R.Power on these groundbreaking projects. Our expertise in renewable energy construction will ensure that these solar farms are built to the highest standards, contributing to Romania's energy security and environmental goals."

The solar farms are expected to significantly reduce carbon emissions and provide clean energy to thousands of households in Romania. As Europe continues to pivot towards renewable energy, projects like these are crucial in meeting the continent's ambitious climate targets and fostering sustainable economic growth.