Poland Launches New Round of Solar Subsidies to Boost Green Energy Transition

Poland Launches New Round of Solar Subsidies to Boost Green Energy Transition

The Polish government is set to launch the sixth edition of the "Mój Prąd" (My Electricity) program in the fourth quarter of 2024, aiming to further support the adoption of photovoltaic (PV) systems. Managed by the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management (NFOŚiGW), the program's budget is set at 400 million PLN, significantly lower than the previous edition's 950 million PLN.

The new edition focuses on enhancing energy storage capabilities, likely requiring applicants to include energy storage solutions alongside their PV installations. This initiative is expected to promote self-consumption and alleviate pressure on the national grid, which is currently strained by the rapid growth of solar power installations.

Minister Anna Moskwa of the Ministry of Climate and Environment highlighted that the exact terms and supported devices for the 6.0 edition are still under discussion. The program will continue to support micro-installations and might include additional subsidies for energy management systems and energy storage units.

Participants who installed PV systems after the fifth round's conclusion in December 2023 will be eligible to apply for subsidies under the new program, provided they meet all other requirements. This overlap ensures continuous support for renewable energy investments during the transition between program editions.

The previous edition saw a high uptake, with subsidies extending to not only PV systems but also heat pumps, energy storage systems, and solar collectors, indicating a broadening scope for renewable energy support.

As the government prepares to finalize the details, potential investors are advised to stay informed about the upcoming changes to maximize their benefits from this evolving subsidy landscape.