Onde Secures Contracts Worth Over PLN 56 Million for PV Farms Construction

Onde Secures Contracts Worth Over PLN 56 Million for PV Farms Construction

Poland’s Onde, a leading player in the renewable energy sector, has secured new contracts valued at more than PLN 56 million (approx. EUR 12.3 million) for the construction of photovoltaic (PV) farms. The company announced that these projects, set to boost Poland's green energy production capacity, align with its strategic expansion into the renewable energy market.

The contracts include several projects that will add a significant capacity of solar power to the national grid. These PV farms, expected to be operational by the end of 2024, are part of Poland’s broader effort to increase its share of renewable energy sources. Onde’s CEO, Piotr Gutowski, emphasized the importance of these projects in contributing to Poland's energy transformation and achieving the EU’s climate goals.

The company, a subsidiary of Erbud Group, continues to strengthen its position in the renewable energy sector through strategic investments and partnerships. Onde’s recent deals further cement its reputation as a reliable partner in the construction of renewable energy infrastructure.

These new PV farm projects are distributed across various regions in Poland, aiming to optimize sunlight capture and enhance energy efficiency. The strategic locations of these farms will not only contribute to local economies but also ensure a stable and sustainable energy supply.

The Polish government has been supportive of renewable energy initiatives, offering incentives and subsidies to encourage investments in solar energy. This supportive policy environment has enabled companies like Onde to thrive and contribute meaningfully to the country’s energy goals.

With these contracts, Onde is set to enhance its portfolio and support Poland's transition towards a more sustainable energy future. The company's commitment to renewable energy development is evident in its expanding project pipeline, positioning it as a key player in Poland's green energy landscape.

Source: Gramwzielone.pl