NGEN to Roll Out 1.6 GWh Battery Systems in Europe, Inks Major Deal with Uniper

NGEN to Roll Out 1.6 GWh Battery Systems in Europe, Inks Major Deal with Uniper
Image: The leaders of NGEN and Uniper shaking hands. Source: LinkedIn.

NGEN, the Slovenian leader in digital energy storage and management solutions, is set to deploy 1.6 GWh of battery systems across Europe, starting installations within the next three years, according to co-founder and CEO Roman Bernard. A key highlight is a new contract with German energy giant Uniper, under which NGEN will implement a 50 MW energy storage system, heralding a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing grid management and flexibility services.

Roman Bernard, speaking at NGEN’s annual press conference, emphasized the significance of the Uniper deal. "This partnership with Uniper not only entails constructing an energy storage system but also represents a collaborative effort to leverage shared expertise and drive forward numerous joint projects," Bernard remarked.

Beyond the German venture, NGEN is also executing projects in Italy, Portugal, Poland, Croatia, and Austria. Notably, the company is advancing an 80 MW battery project near Salzburg and the largest battery installation in Slovenia, the 70 MW Talum, with a EUR 70 million investment.

NGEN's track record includes pioneering Europe’s largest battery system for Tesla in 2019 and Austria's largest battery in 2023. Bernard underscored the importance of integrating small consumer contributions into the energy grid, highlighting Slovenia's government initiative to subsidize household battery installations.

In line with its growth strategy, NGEN will soon begin constructing a new R&D center and 40 apartments to accommodate a surge in hiring, aiming to bring on board around 100 engineers. “Our ambition is to excel, and to achieve that, we need the finest talent,” Bernard stated.

As part of its forward-looking vision, NGEN is positioning itself to be a central player in the decentralized energy landscape, offering innovative solutions to meet the evolving needs of transmission system operators, energy suppliers, and end consumers across Europe.