MOL Group Launches Low-Carbon and New Energies Division in Croatia

MOL Group Launches Low-Carbon and New Energies Division in Croatia

Croatian multinational oil and gas company, MOL Group, has announced the establishment of its new Low-Carbon and New Energies branch in Croatia, marking a significant shift towards sustainable energy solutions. The new division aims to spearhead MOL's transition to greener energy by focusing on renewable energy projects, hydrogen production, and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure.

The unveiling took place on July 3, 2024, in Zagreb, Croatia's capital, with key figures including MOL Group CEO József Molnár and Croatian Minister of Energy and Environmental Protection, Davor Filipović, in attendance. This strategic move aligns with MOL's 2030+ Strategy, which seeks to reduce carbon emissions and invest in sustainable energy technologies.

MOL Group's new branch will concentrate on the development of solar and wind energy projects in Croatia, leveraging the country's abundant renewable resources. Additionally, the division will explore opportunities in hydrogen production, a crucial component of MOL's decarbonization efforts. The company plans to install several hydrogen refueling stations across Croatia, facilitating the adoption of hydrogen-powered vehicles.

To further support the EV market, MOL will expand its network of electric vehicle charging stations, targeting key urban areas and major highways. This initiative is expected to significantly enhance the infrastructure for electric mobility in Croatia, promoting the use of cleaner transportation options.

In his speech, CEO József Molnár emphasized the importance of transitioning to sustainable energy sources, stating, "Our new Low-Carbon and New Energies branch in Croatia represents a critical step in MOL Group's commitment to a greener future. We are dedicated to reducing our carbon footprint and supporting the global energy transition."

Minister Davor Filipović expressed strong support for MOL's initiative, highlighting its potential to drive economic growth and environmental sustainability in Croatia. "This collaboration with MOL Group is a testament to Croatia's commitment to renewable energy and our vision for a sustainable future," Filipović remarked.

The establishment of the Low-Carbon and New Energies branch underscores MOL Group's dedication to innovation and sustainability, positioning the company as a leader in the energy sector's shift towards cleaner, renewable sources.

Source: Energy Connects