Estonian Experts Advocate for Proven Technologies in Green Transition

Estonian Experts Advocate for Proven Technologies in Green Transition

Estonian experts have emphasized the importance of leveraging tried-and-tested technologies to achieve the nation's ambitious green transition goals. Speaking at the Green Transition Forum, Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications Tiit Terik highlighted that Estonia must prioritize the implementation of reliable and scalable solutions to meet its climate targets.

Ülo Pikkov, a senior advisor at the Estonian Environment Agency, underscored the necessity of utilizing well-established technologies, such as wind and solar power, to ensure stability and efficiency in the energy transition. Pikkov noted that while innovation is essential, the focus should remain on proven methods to avoid potential setbacks and ensure a smooth transition.

Estonia aims to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, with interim targets of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 70% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. The government has identified renewable energy, particularly wind power, as a cornerstone of its strategy, with plans to significantly expand offshore wind farms.

Despite the push for renewable energy, Estonia faces challenges, including the need for substantial investments and the modernization of the national grid. Experts stress that government policies and financial support will be crucial in overcoming these obstacles and attracting private investment.

The forum also highlighted the role of public-private partnerships in driving the green transition, with several successful case studies presented. Collaboration between the government, industry, and academia is seen as vital to fostering innovation and ensuring the adoption of best practices.

Source: ERR news