Electric Car Sales in Türkiye Surge 175.7% in H1 2024

Electric Car Sales in Türkiye Surge 175.7% in H1 2024

Türkiye's electric vehicle (EV) market experienced a significant surge in the first half of 2024, with sales increasing by 175.7%, according to data released by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TUIK) on Monday.

A total of 15,846 electric cars were sold in the country from January to June, compared to 5,747 units in the same period last year. This sharp rise underscores a growing shift towards sustainable transportation solutions among Turkish consumers.

Industry experts attribute this growth to several factors, including government incentives, improved infrastructure, and a wider range of models available from manufacturers. The Turkish government has been proactive in promoting EV adoption through tax reductions and subsidies, making electric cars more financially accessible to the public.

Among the best-selling models, TOGG, Türkiye's first domestically produced electric vehicle, led the market with 4,586 units sold. International brands also performed well, with Tesla selling 3,924 units and Renault capturing 2,712 sales with its Zoe model.

The increase in EV sales is part of a broader trend in the Turkish automotive sector, which has been gradually shifting towards greener technologies. Charging infrastructure has also seen substantial development, with the number of public charging stations rising to 2,834 nationwide, a 45% increase from last year.

"The momentum in the EV market is a clear indicator of changing consumer preferences and the effectiveness of government policies," said Mehmet Gürkan, an automotive industry analyst. "We expect this trend to continue as more people become environmentally conscious and the total cost of ownership for EVs becomes more competitive."

The strong performance of the EV market is expected to have long-term benefits for Türkiye, reducing the country's carbon footprint and decreasing reliance on imported oil.

Source: Turkey Today