DNV Expands Solar Resource Compass to Europe, Enhancing Solar Asset Modeling

DNV Expands Solar Resource Compass to Europe, Enhancing Solar Asset Modeling
Source: DNV

DNV, a global energy expert and assurance provider, has announced the expansion of its Solar Resource Compass (SRC) online software platform to Europe. The platform, which integrates DNV’s SolarFarmer and Solcast products, offers high-quality solar resource data and energy yield predictions. The SolarFarmer tool provides bankable energy yield forecasts, while Solcast delivers precise historical and forecasted weather data using satellite imagery and machine learning. This expansion supports DNV's commitment to facilitating a decarbonized energy grid by enabling accurate and scalable solar asset modeling.

Lucy Craig, Executive Vice President of Growth, Innovation, and Digitalization at DNV Energy Systems, emphasized the importance of SRC in addressing the scaling challenges of the solar industry. The tool has already been instrumental in evaluating over 10,000 projects in the United States and offers functionalities such as indicative energy production estimates and site-specific loss calculations.

Josh Tatel, Director of Technical Asset Operations at Generate Capital, highlighted the efficiency gains provided by SRC, noting its ability to expedite technical due diligence processes and reduce unexpected changes during project closure.

The expansion aligns with DNV’s Energy Transition Outlook report, which predicts significant growth in wind and solar capacity. SRC is now available for free for a limited time, with a premium subscription offering additional features such as unlimited simulations and API access.