Challenges and Progress in European Solar Market Highlighted at CISOLAR

Challenges and Progress in European Solar Market Highlighted at CISOLAR
Andre Viaro, Staubli during giving the interview at CISOLAR

During a speech at the CISOLAR & IBES conference, Andre Viaro, Global Head of Large-Scale Renewable Energy at Staubli Electrical Connectors, outlined critical challenges and advancements shaping the emerging European solar and energy storage markets. Viaro's speech emphasized the maturation of the industry, noting the shift towards more plug-and-play solutions and higher-level installations, which marks significant progress in the sector’s development.

According to Viaro, the European solar industry faces notable hurdles, particularly in workforce development and grid stability. As the demand for solar energy increases, the need for skilled workers to manage and install new systems has become more pressing. Viaro stressed the importance of education and training programs to prepare a workforce capable of supporting the industry's growth and sustainability.

André Viaro of Stäubli Delivers Keynote Speech at CISOLAR

Furthermore, Andre Viaro highlighted grid stability as a significant concern. With the rapid integration of renewable energy sources, European grids must adapt to handle fluctuating inputs and maintain reliability. The advancement towards more sophisticated, high-level installations presents solutions that can better harmonize with existing grid infrastructures, potentially easing the integration process.

Viaru’s insights at CISOLAR & IBES underline the dynamic nature of the solar industry in Europe, pointing out both the strides made and the challenges that lie ahead as the continent moves closer to a renewable energy future.

CISOLAR Conference

In October 15-17, 2024 Bucharest will be hosting the Sustainable Energy Expo, including CISOLAR 2024, GREENBATTERY 2024, and the Sustainable Energy Forum, marking it as a key international gathering covering the Balkans, Central, and Eastern European emerging markets.