Audi Hungaria to Expand Solar Park by 160,000 Square Meters

Audi Hungaria to Expand Solar Park by 160,000 Square Meters

Audi Hungaria has signed an agreement to expand its solar park in Győr by 160,000 square meters, furthering its commitment to sustainable energy. The agreement, signed by Berényi Gábor of Smart Solar Kft. and Michael Breme, Chairman of AUDI HUNGARIA Zrt., involves installing photovoltaic equipment on 85,000 square meters of the vehicle assembly hall roof and 75,000 square meters of green space. This expansion adds to the existing 160,000 square meters of solar panels installed in 2020, developed in partnership with E.ON Hungaria.

The new installation will feature innovative, dual-sided active panels with sun-tracking technology, producing up to 30% more energy compared to conventional systems. The 18-megawatt system will supply renewable energy to the Győr facility for the next 25 years, significantly contributing to Audi Hungaria's Mission environmental program aimed at achieving carbon neutrality.

Michael Breme highlighted that the expansion aligns with the company's strategic focus on sustainability, noting that Audi Hungaria has been operating carbon-neutrally since 2020. The solar park also supports the stability of Hungary's power grid and incorporates biodiversity considerations, such as planting flowering meadows to create microhabitats.

Audi Hungaria has won several accolades for its sustainability efforts, including the 2024 HVG Green Leaders Award for Renewable Energy Certificate ratio. Additionally, the company utilizes geothermal energy, covering over 90% of its heating needs, and employs carbon-neutral transport for components between Győr and Ingolstadt.

In collaboration with the Széchenyi István University, Audi Hungaria launched an ESG master's program in 2024, aiming to train future environmental experts with the support of the company’s specialists.