Alfa Solar Enerji Secures $2.5 Million Order for Solar Modules

Alfa Solar Enerji Secures $2.5 Million Order for Solar Modules

Alfa Solar Enerji, a leading Turkish renewable energy firm, announced a significant new order valued at $2.5 million. The company will supply its high-efficiency solar modules to a major international client.

The order, comprising advanced photovoltaic (PV) modules, will be delivered over the next six months. These modules are known for their superior efficiency and durability, aligning with the latest industry standards and technological advancements. The contract underscores Alfa Solar Enerji's commitment to innovation and quality in the renewable energy sector.

Alfa Solar Enerji CEO, İhsan Küçükkayıkçı, expressed optimism about the deal, emphasizing its importance for the company’s growth. "This order is a testament to our technological capabilities and our dedication to providing top-tier renewable energy solutions. We are proud to support the global transition to sustainable energy," Küçükkayıkçı stated.

The client, whose name remains undisclosed due to confidentiality agreements, is a prominent player in the international energy market. This collaboration is expected to enhance Alfa Solar Enerji's reputation and open new avenues for future projects.

Source: Rota Borsa